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Post  Admin on Tue Jun 08, 2010 2:10 am

Here is a quick overview of my updated sled pulling procedure. It is in response to a post on another forum, so that is why the context is in the format it is.


Without writing an article the basics are this:

They do HIIT with the sled. 1 minute hard and heavy. 1 minute unhooked and walking at a pace that allows them to just catch their breath, repeat.
I start them on a LOW overall time schedule. Just 3 intervals 2 x a week.
Add 1 interval every week until they get extremely beat up, then have them hold that time for 2-3 weeks until their body adapts. Once adapted, i.e. it is hard, but not killing them, we again add an interval a week.
Once they are at 20 minutes 2 x a week. We analyze what to do next.

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