Why I don't like clen

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Why I don't like clen Empty Why I don't like clen

Post  Drew on Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:21 pm

Clen has a great reputation in the lifting world of being an extremely effective diet drug. I will give it that. It does work AWESOME. So why don't I like it? Becauae it doesn't work for very long....at least without T-3. Here is what happens in a typical situation:

The trainee is afraid of doing T-3 so all they will take is the clen. With or without T-3 the beta 2 receptors attenuate FAST. A first day dose might be 10 mcgs, within 10 days, to get the same effect the trainee will likely be taking 100 mcgs to get the same effect. Now a few things happen. The beta 2's are having to be slammed with LOTS more clen to get anywhere near the initial effect. And......thyroid levels PLUMMET. Within a week or so, thyroid levels are very low.....and the clen stops working anywhere near as well. Only way around it is to up the dose or take time off. But since thyroid is sucking, when you go off you rebound.

If you will do T-3 at fairly solid levels, you can avoid most of that. But......most people are afraid of T-3 and won't do it, or at least won't do the doses required. And oh yea, clen makes you feel like SHIT. My hands shake so bad on clen I can barely type, and cannot write at all. Now, even if you do it with T-3, when you come off, you have little thyroid function....and...you rebound. For some it works, but again, if you are doing T-3 You BETTER be doing a hefty dose of AAS to stop from becoming captain catabolic.

Thats why I don't like clen. Your mileage may vary.

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