One of the biggest problems dieter face

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One of the biggest problems dieter face

Post  Drew on Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:23 pm

Here is an ongoing theme with dieters, and with me as I train the dieters. Joe dieter decides it’s high time to drop some ugly body-fat. He puts together a plan (or pays a trainer to do so) and starts his/her quest to a leaner body. Unless said dieter is already very lean, it is very hard to se progress at first. Here is a typical call 2-3 weeks after said trainee starts a fat-loss diet.

Trainee: I can’t see body-fat coming off.

IA: you have only been at it a few weeks.

Trainee: Yeah, but I should see something by now, right?

IA: Like what?

Trainee: Like a smaller waist

IA: That is the LAST place you will likely see it come off. Look at your legs, arms, and face first.

Trainee: Yeah, my face looks leaner. When will my stomach look leaner.

IA: What is your bodyfat?

Trainee: Well it was 23% when we started.

IA: And how much of that did you expect to lose in three weeks?

Trainee: 3-5 lbs I guess

IA: well if you lost 4 lbs do you REALLY think that is something you could see in the mirror?

Trainee: I think so?

IA: No, likely not.

Trainee: Well I measured my waist and it’s the same size.

IA: That is the LAST place the tape is going to move. Use skin-fold calipers on your legs, upper chest, and arms for now.

Trainee: OK, but it seems like its going slow.

IA: We are on track, relax.

Eight out of ten trainees are extremely impatient when it comes to fat-loss. It took some of them years to gain it, and they want it all off in 5 weeks. Sorry, it doesn’t work like that. I design diets to take off the body-fat at a reasonable pace, while the trainee builds strength the whole time they diet. IF the trainee is in a big damn hurry, I will at times put together a diet that is extremely aggressive with the understanding that all we will likely be able to do is maintain strength levels, not add to them. And frankly, I hate doing it this way because unless the trainee has a show coming up, all they are doing is showing their impatience with the process. How long did it take you to gain the excess bodyfat you are carrying? Understand that it is WAY easier to add bodyfat than to shed it. With that understanding, why do you feel the need to drop it so damn fast?

Under 200 lb trainees should aim for 1.5 lbs of fat-loss a week, and 200-300 lb guys should aim for 2-2.5 a week. These are upper numbers that that will allow the fat to come off and strength to be gained while dieting.

The next big problem is the same that people have when adding mass. While adding mass, or dropping bodyfat the trainee is usually the last person that sees the results. They look in the mirror every damn day (sometimes for God knows how long—lol) and just can’t see the change—from yesterday—lol. And in a never ending process of seeing themselves on a daily basis, and only comparing themselves with how they looked the day before, all they can ascertain is that it isn’t working. And then…..their friends, family, girlfriend, or wife will start making comments on all the weight they have lost, and then damned if they don’t start seeing it themselves. Taking regular pictures of videos in the SAME lighting and environment is the way around this.

Why not just use the scale? Because you may be adding muscle, and on low carb diets most trainees weights will fluctuate wildly. I have many trainees lose fifteen lbs of fat, gain 13-15 pounds of muscle, and guess what? While they look night and day different, the scale didn’t say shit. The tape measure works…..after a time. But initially may say nothing, and often a trainee that is measuring their waist they are trying to reduce, is also measuring the abs, obliques, and spinal erectors they are expanding.

In the end, a combination of using pictures, the mirror, skin-fold calipers, the tape measure, and the scale are the tools you need to gauge your fat-loss progress. And patience…..

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