I will state this as simply and to the point as possible

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I will state this as simply and to the point as possible

Post  Drew on Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:25 pm

You have two options if you are not willing to look "flat" while dieting.

1. Do a slow recomp with frequent above maintenence level days, and only slightly below maintenence level caloric restriction.

2. Don't diet, stay a lardass.

If your diet is aggressive enough to see weekly, or bi-weekly "mirror" progress you are going to be flat if you have a macro-nutrient profie that will preserve/add muscle. It is that simple. So many of you want to drop bodyfat at the absolute fastest pace possible, be totally carbed up, and gain lean mass while doing so at the most rapid pace. You simply cannot have it all.

You can gain muscle/strength while cutting at a reasonable pace, but you most certainly won't look "full" the whole time doing so. So many of you are never willing to take a 1/2 step back to go two steps forward--to the extent that you go nowhere at all.



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