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Post  Drew on Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:45 pm

The objective of the muscle fiber test is to determine the fiber composition of the muscles used for a particular exercise. The test protocol described is the Dr F. Hatfield Muscle Fiber Test.

Required Resources

To undertake this test you will require:
• Weight training facilities
• An assistant/spotter
• Selection of exercises

How to conduct the Dr F. Hatfield muscle fibre test
• Determine your 1 rep maximum on an exercise
• Rest for 15 minutes
• Perform as many repetitions as possible with 80% of your 1RM


• Less than 7 repetitions - fast twitch (FT) dominant
• 7 or 8 repetitions - mixed fibre type
• more than 8 repetitions - slow twitch (ST) dominant

If you are FT dominant, then you should use heavier loads and lower repetitions predominantly in your training.

ST dominant individuals, on the other hand, will respond better to lighter loads and higher repetitions

Do the test BEFORE doing any other work for the day. DON’T try and do it all at once. Only 1-2 lifts per day, and at least a day rest before attempting any more.

Use isolation exercises as much as possible.

Examples of isolation exercises:

Shoulders- lateral raise, front lateral raise, and rear lateral raise.

You can do all three if you desire, but laterals only should provide enough info.

Traps - barbell shrugs.

Chest, dumbbell press, not the best way, but safest. Best way would be a fly or pec dec, but a single on either of these may get you injured.

Abs - ab machine.

Biceps - concentration curl, or preacher bench curl (preacher preferably)

Triceps- tricep pushdowns with bent (angled) bar.

Lats- pull down or dumbbell row, or preferably a pullover MACHINE

Spinal erectors, we will not test these as the few lifts we can use to isolate are dangerous for single reps.

Hamstrings are almost always fast twitch, so we need not test them, only on in 60 are slow twitch.

Quads-leg extensions.

Calfs - standing calf raises, or leg press calf raises.

It is best to take a whole week to test the individual body parts (don't do the entire test in one day).

You can do the test for the individual body parts BEFORE you regular routine over the week so you don't miss out on a full week of training.


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