So You Wanna Kick Your Own Ass?

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So You Wanna Kick Your Own Ass? Empty So You Wanna Kick Your Own Ass?

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So You Wanna Kick Your Own Ass?
Chad Wesley Smith
Published: June 11, 2010Posted in: Training ArticlesTags: Chad Smith, kick ass, training
So You Wanna Kick Your Own Ass?

On a weekly basis, I’ll have a client ask me something to the effect of “Why do I pay you for this?” They’re asking me this question because they just got their ass kicked, definitely gasping for air, probably seeing spots, maybe puking in the alley, they wonder why they keep coming back for more. The answer – they love the challenge. People that compete, that train hard, that want to be the best in the chosen discipline, are competitive people and want to be pushed to their limit. At Juggernaut we have a variety of circuits and complexes that will certainly do this. So if you’re looking for a great finisher for your training, a great way to burn fat or just add a new challenge to your conditioning, give one of these a try…
Kettlebell Combat Complex

I stole this one from Zach Even-Esh a couple years ago and it’s a tough one. Here you go…

1) Snatch x 5 each hand

2) Clean and Jerk x 5 each hand

3) Front Squat x 10

4) Reverse Lunge x 5 each leg

5) Hi Pull x 10

6) One Arm Row x 5 each hand

7) Two Hand Swings x 10

Do one exercise right after the other. Don’t put the kettlebell down and do the 70 reps as fast as you can. The fastest time anyone at JTS has done is 1 minute 26 seconds with the 32 kg KB by yours truly. We usually have guys begin with 16 kg and ladies with 4 or 8 kg. Guys should move up to the next weight when they’re doing all their rounds around 1 minute 45 seconds, women shoot for 2 minutes. Give three rounds of the KB Combat Complex a shot.

Sergei Litvinov, the world’s No. 2 all-time Hammer Thrower, used to front squat 200 kg for a set of eight, then drop the bar and take off for a 400 meter run at a 75 second pace. Try combining an explosive power movement with some sprints, plate pushes. sled sprints or prowler pushes and you’ll be in for a world of hurt.

One of our most often used variation of this is the Kettlebell Litvi-Plate.

1) KB Snatch x 5 each hand

2) Plate Push x 12 yards and back

3) KB Swing x 10

4) Plate Push x 12 yards and back

5) KB Front Squat x 10

6) Plate Push x 12 yards and back

As soon as you finish the movement with the KB, drop the bell and take off on the plate push. The fastest time we’ve had done on this circuit is 1 minunte 16 seconds by a high school water polo player. The reps, number of exercises, length of plate pushes can all be adjusted to attack different energy systems and condition different athletes.

Treadmill Nightmare Circuits

Martin Rooney, in his book Training for Warriors, outlines his Hurricane Circuits that he uses to prepare his fighters for combat. I adapted his ideas into what has become known to our athletes as the Nightmare Circuits. We have several classifications of Nightmare Circuits that we utilize depending on the athlete’s conditioning levels. Short Nightmares utilize higher incline runs for shorter distances coupled with explosive movements like sledgehammer strikes or Olympic lift variations. Short Nightmares usually are done for 5 to 10 minute rounds. Medium Nightmares are medium incline runs for moderate distances paired with strength movements with bodyweight, dumbbells or barbells, these circuits are usually performed for 8 to 12 minutes. Long Nightmares are lower incline runs for longer distances with abdominal movements performed between the runs, these circuits are done for 12 – 20 minute rounds.

Here’s our Advanced Medium Nightmare, this would be performed for maximum rounds in either 8, 10, or 12 minutes.

1) Treadmill at 10 degrees for .1 miles

2) Plyo Pushups onto boxes x 5

3) Pullups x 8

The athlete will run as fast as they can for .1 miles, hop off the treadmill and perform the plyo pushups and pullups. As soon as they’re ready, they’ll begin running again. One round per minute of this circuit would be an excellent goal.

All three of these circuits will strip fat off of you, burn up your lungs and challenge your mental fortitude. Good luck.


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