21 Days to Effortless Fat Loss

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21 Days to Effortless Fat Loss Empty 21 Days to Effortless Fat Loss

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21 Days to Effortless Fat Loss
Dave Tate
Published: April 30, 2010Posted in: ColumnsTags: 21 tips, diet, fat loss, tate
21 Days to Effortless Fat Loss

I keep getting asked questions like these ALL the time. Well, not ALL the time – only when I’m lean, never when I’m fat.

These questions include…

What do you think of [insert product name here] for fat loss?

What do you think about [insert diet name here]?

I want to lose weight. Should I carb rotate or use very low carbs?

Does [insert product name here] really work?

I have a friend who’s doing [insert diet here] – what do you think of it?

It’s so easy for you to lose weight. How can I do the same thing?

How many grams of protein should I take in?

Now keep in mind these questions are coming from people who are NOT dieting at all, eat whatever they want…and most the time do not even train. I know you know what I mean, and who I’m talking about. With most of the US population being obese, these questions come from everywhere and everyone – even from those who know better and have been training for 15 years.

If they ask about a carb rotation, supplements, training splits, etc then I can easily spend an hour laying it all out for them for them to NEVER do it and thus being a total waste of my time. Because of this, I came up with a 21 day cure. This is my cure to answer fast, but still help. Now I want to take this cure and put it in print, so I don’t have to keep retyping and restating the same things over and over. I’m 100% sure this will also be a great aid to all the readers who deal with the same issue.
21 days to simple fat loss

All of these have to be done for 21 days straight. If you can’t do it, then you go back to day one and start over.

1. Eat Breakfast

2. Eliminate all refined sugar from your diet

3. Drink more zero calorie fluids

4. If you drink alcohol – drink 50% less

5. Reduce carbs by a few bits per meal. So, if you eat a burger and fries for lunch then don’t eat ALL the fries. If you eat them all start over on day 1.

6. Exercise 5 days per week for 30 minutes. What type? It doesn’t matter…just do something!

7. If you think it’s not a good food choice, then DON’T eat it. There’s more food choice education out there then there has ever been in history. You can’t seriously tell me you think loaded potato skins are better than a salad for an appetizer, ice cream is better than fruit, etc.

That’s it. Very simple.

But, if they’re like most people I tell this to you will hear….

1. I don’t have the time to exercise five days per week.

2. I thought fruit was bad for you.

3. I was told I could eat whatever I want if I just took X?

4. What should I eat for breakfast?

5. What is a few bites less per meal?

6. I heard carbs were bad and was told to not eat them at all.

The answer to all these and any other question is simple. Just say they make very valid points, but you would like to wait and see how they do with the 21 day plan first and then you’d be more than happy to sit down and answer their questions. If they do come back, then ask very specific questions to test them. Ask how it was to go 21 days without refined sugar, then ask what they ate instead. Ask them what three less bits of carbs per meal was to them and how that worked out for every meal. Ask what type of training they did and how they progressed. If they do happen to do this, more than likely they’ll lose fat and bodyweight because their diet was a total disaster to start with and they did no exercise at all. If they don’t make it, then in theory they just need to start over and try again.

Now let’s take this one step further to make this even better. PLEASE post your SIMPLE tips and guidelines (for the average person) in the comments section. This way we can all use this document as a reference the next time your asked “How can I get rid of this fat?”

I know this is very basic, but I can’t take it anymore. It drives me nuts when someone with 30 percent or more body fat is asking me about specific diet products and protocols and then use their “lack of knowledge” as a reason why they can’t drop weight and get in shape.

Note: Remember these have to be simple tips designed for the average person.


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