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Post  Drew on Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:01 am

I have been on my modified version of the warrior diet since last October. Simply put, it blows every other diet I have ever done out of the water all things considered. And by that I mean quality of life, ease of diet, overall energy level, and gym performance. If I wanted to weigh 250 again, I would likely be dieting the way I have the guys I work with that are 200+ and trying to get to 250-270. LOTS of food, stay on the fat side (under 15-16%, but most of the year 12%+) and with the understanding that you are not going to look as good as possible year round.

But.......for the guys that this diet works for, it is simply the best approach I have found for cutting, recomp, and LEAN massing.

I have only asked 3 people to try the diet. I haven't had to, client after client has been asking me if they could try it. I have written 3 modified WD's today. I am now getting new clients that are hiring me because they want to do the warrior diet under my supervision.

I have about 50 people doing the diet now and feedback has been insanely positive. Increased energy, WAY more time in the day due to almost zero food prep time and eating time during the day. AWESOME gym performance, and body comp going the way they want at a very satisfying pace.

Want a pro-bodybuilder physique? This isn't the diet, and you don't likely have the genetics anyway. Want to be 175-225 and lean and healthy. This diet will be perfect for those that respond to it, and want to have a life while they get there. That is goes against most of what I "believed" as dieting "truth" is now irrelevant to me. Results trump dogma any day of the week.

There are more than enough threads on the forum if you want to try the diet, this is just a report--not a request for everyone to ask questions that have already been asked 10 times. If you want to use the diet for fat loss. It is extensively covered in my fat loss book.

I would love to have time to go into the mechanisms on why it works, but you can read Ori's books (especially maximum muscle minimum fat) and the way it is looking, I will likely write a book about how to use the diet for recomp and massing. That is how much I beleive in the diet for its intended purpose--keeping you lean year round while building muscle, that was Dan Ducaines "Body Opus" goal that was never realized. Not that it could not have been, but Dan overcomplicated it to the 9th degree. And keto year round just doesn't work for most people. This is the diet that never feels like a diet.



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