Cheap Strongman Equipment!

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Cheap Strongman Equipment!

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Cheap Strongman Equipment!!
By Dane Garreau

Farmers Walk
I don’t really recommend the wooden ones, but they do work.
Pipe Farmers Walk with No Welding-
Wooden Farmers-
My Wooden Farmers- JPG

-The easiest way I know how to make a sled is by using the bottom of a wheelbarrow. Just drive down the street and you are to sure to find one on the side of the road, or you may have one in my backyard.
-I am not sure how it will hold up on concrete because I use mine on grass. You may want to bolt an old car tire or a thick piece of rubber on the bottom to protect the barrow and reduce noise.
-The best thing about this kind of sled is you can fill it up with anything; stones, kegs, weights, people, ect.
My Homemade Sled-
Wheelbarrow Sled-

-Here is another great way to make a cheap sled. It works perfectly if you drag your sled on concrete or asphalt. The tire reduces the noise and it doesn’t scratch up the ground. The rubber tire also makes the sled much more difficult to drag.
Tire Sled-

-Try a local bar or package store, they will probably give one to you or sell one for up to 30 dollars. Or you can just buy a full one and invite a few friends over.
-If you want to get it really heavy just go to a tire shop and ask for some old lead tire weights, they will give them to you for free.

Atlas Stones
-This is a hard technique to use but it works great if you do it right. I have made 4 stones this way. It is much cheaper than the alternative.
How to build an Atlas Stone-
Original Stone Making Article-
Homemade Fiberglass Stone Mold-

Thick Bar

Tires for Axle Press (Strongman Bumper Plates)
-Make sure you use the old Iron plates, not the newer graphite ones.
Strongman Bumper Plates-
Strongman Bumper Plates (2)-

Super Yoke
-This is the cheapest way to build a yoke I have found. It is made out of pipe that you can get from your local Home Depot; it should cost under $50.
-The only problem with this yoke is that it is not adjustable. So if you train with people of different heights, this may not be for you.
-Just an FYI, this is the hardest yoke I have ever used, by far.
-Home Depot will cut and thread the pipe for you, they only charge like $0.25 a cut/thread.
Pipe Yoke W/ No Welding-
Floor Flange-

Adjustable Super Yoke
-I haven’t made one of these personally, but it looks like it would work pretty well and it doesn’t require any welding.
-I imagine that a Floor Flange could be used for the bottom piece to keep the weights on.
Adjustable Yoke (behind the guy)-
Floor Flange-

Stone Platforms
-Here are some pretty self explanatory images of some cheap stone platforms.
50 Gallon Drum- e@MusicCity16.JPG

-Most logs have 24’’ between the handles.
-If you make a log out of a tree, be sure to treat it with some type of sealer.
-Be aware that a tree log will lose a lot of its weight in a few weeks after it is cut, due to the drying out process.

How to Make a Metal Log-

Log Handles-

Handles (View 2)-

Handles (View 3)-

Natural Stones
-The cheapest strongman equipment there is. Just go to a creek and look around.
River Rock _creek16.JPG

Arm Over Arm Pull
Using Cement Parking Lot Thingy- g

Using a log and 2 Tires-

Other Great Cheap Equipment Resources
Ontario Strongman-Cheap Equipment


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